Monday, 17 February 2014

A Helping Hand

With school well and truly back into the swing of things for 2014 so too are the wonderful efforts of all the people in the community who support us. This week saw the start of our Rotary reading programme for the year. Co-ordinated by the Otumoetai Rotary Club around 20 volunteers give an hour of their time throughout the week to listen to children read. This is a big help in providing the reading mileage needed for children to experience success in their reading. The children love when these wonderful people come into their classrooms and are keen an eager to go and show off their reading skills to them.

We have a wonderful team of people who run our breakfast club every morning from 8am. We feed up to 70 children breakfast every morning and we couldn't do it without the wonderful team of helpers who love sharing this special time with the children everyday. We so appreciate these people making an early start to their days to support our children.

Along with the above team we also have a team from Loaves and Fishes who drop off sandwiches for the week for children who no or limited lunches. This is a big help for our children to support them in their health and well being and in turn supporting them in their learning.

We also have fantastic individuals who will do whatever they can to support our children. Last week one couple supplied baking, sandwiches, stationery, stilts and even a unicycle to the school! How amazing!! This morning another supporter brought a big bag of passionfruit thinking the children might like them. They don't ask for thanks they just want to support our children.

We are constantly grateful for everything our supporters do for us. We see them as an integral part of the team. Our children see them as important partners in their learning journey and are always so grateful for everything they do.

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